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Crypto Trade News

July 15th 2024: The Spain National Fan token (SNFT) has dropped 20% in the past 24 hours. Spain is reveling in the UEFA 2024 soccer championship victory, but the national team's official cryptocurrency, the Spain National Fan token (SNFT), is unenthused.

June 27th 2024: Bitcoin (BTC) and the broader crypto market are at risk of a further downtrend following a recent development involving the US and German governments. On-chain data suggests that both governments are looking to offload a substantial amount of their BTC holdings.

June 6th 2024: One of the biggest broker in USA, Robinhood, is buying out one of the biggest crypto exchange, Slovenia based Bitstamp, for just $200 million.

May 24th 2024: Bitcoin price started a downside correction below the $70,000 support zone. BTC bears were able to push the price below major support at $68,800. It sparked bearish moves and the price dipped toward $66,250.

May 11th 2024: Decentralized and open-source computing platform Akash Network has captured significant attention in the cryptocurrency market as its native token, AKT, has outperformed the top 100 cryptocurrencies with a 2400% price increase year-to-date.

April 25th 2024: Bitcoin Spot ETFs to Hit Hong Kong Market on April 30, Expert Warns of Imminent Rate War,This milestone follows the successful approval and subsequent commercialization of Bitcoin ETFs in the United States earlier this year under the regulatory oversight of the Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC).

April 20th 2024: U.S. spot bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have seen outflows for the fifth consecutive day since April 12, with a reduction totaling $4.3 million during Wednesday’s trading sessions.

April 10th 2024: Our Bitcoin min deposit is 0.001 bitcoins,Bitcoin price is correcting lower below $70,000 against the US Dollar. BTC might eye another increase if the bulls remain active above the $68,500 zone.

April 5th 2024: Australian asset manager Monochrome plans to launch the nation's first spot bitcoin exchange-traded fund (ETF) that holds physical bitcoin. Monochrome filed an application with securities exchange Cboe Australia to list its flagship bitcoin ETF product. The firm expects approval by mid-2024.

March 18th 2024: Bitcoin has rebounded above $67,000K amid pre-FOMC volatility and investor confidence in buying the dip, despite macroeconomic concerns. Meme coins surge, driving the sector's market cap over $55 billion.

March 7th 2024: KuCoin has collaborated with Revolut to enable users to buy digital assets using Euros. Meanwhile, Fantom has experienced a 57.7% surge, which would be due to a large amount of inflows.

March 1st 2024: Total Value Locked (TVL) for BNB Chain increased steadily this year and is currently close to $5 billion. It’s crucial to remember that the current upward trend in BNB is what’s responsible for the TVL spike.

February 23rd 2024: Crypto financial services platform Matrixport has made another bullish prediction for the Bitcoin price. This time, they predicted that Bitcoin would rise to $63,000, including when the flagship crypto token hits this target. Matrixport had previously predicted that BTC would rise to $50,000 by the end of January, although that didn’t happen.

January 19th 2024: Bitcoin exchange-traded funds (ETFs) have outperformed silver ETFs in the United States, securing its position as the second-largest commodity ETF, in terms of assets under management (AUM). The rise in popularity of Bitcoin ETFs indicates a growing acceptance of BTC as a mainstream investment vehicle.

January 9th 2024: The first week of 2024 marked a notable milestone in crypto asset investments. Investment products in this particular sector witnessed inflows amounting to $151 million, according to a recent report from CoinShares.

January 1st 2024: Happy 2024 Year! As we embark on the exciting journey into 2024, the cryptocurrency landscape is abuzz with anticipation and potential game-changers. From groundbreaking regulatory approvals to market-shaping events, the year ahead promises significant developments that could reshape the crypto narrative.

December 12th 2023: Ripple, a fintech powerhouse, has strategically maneuvered a whopping 800 million XRP back into escrow, showcasing a masterstroke in market management, Ripple Returns 800 Million XRP to Escrow; BorroeFinance Presale to Hit $2M Soon.

November 30th 2023: Bitcoin supply shock tactics give way to ETF hype in Standard Chartered's new $100,000 BTC price prediction. Bitcoin (BTC) may hit $100,000 in one year’s time thanks to “earlier than expected” exchange-traded funds (ETF) launching, says Standard Chartered.

November 23th 2023: Bank of Korea Governor Rhee Chang-yong said that the benefits of South Korea becoming the leader in issuing central bank digital currencies are minimal.

November 14th 2023: Nomura, Japan's biggest investment bank with $425 billion in assets and $10 billion in yearly revenue, has launched an ethereum fund through its subsidiary to complement a bitcoin fund.

November 7th 2023: Coinbase plans to liquidate the remaining BSV holdings in its wallets by January 2024. Cryptocurrency exchange Coinbase is set to completely remove Bitcoin’s (BTC) hard fork, Bitcoin SV (BSV), from its platform following its delisting back in 2021.

October 29th 2023: VanEck strategy advisor Gabor Gurbacs expects a wave of new investment capital and immigration will push El Salvador’s economic growth in the coming years.

October 22th 2023: Top cryptocurrency exchange Binance to end Visa debit card program in Europe,Binance notes that customer accounts will not be affected. The exchange encourages European customers to transition to Binance Pay, the company’s crypto payments technology.

October 10th 2023: The world’s largest cryptocurrency Bitcoin (BTC) has been holding up well against major selling pressure in the market. As Ethereum and other altcoins have been ceding ground, Bitcoin’s share in the overall crypto market has shot past 50%, up from 38% at the start of 2023.

September 28th 2023: Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong has slammed JPMorgan’s British retail bank, Chase UK, for changing its policy to block all crypto-related payments.

September 21th 2023: Shiba Inu could be gearing up for a rally after a metric has flashed bullish. This metric has to do with the recently launched Shibarium network whose usage is continuing to rise rapidly.

September 4th 2023: OKX is in the final stage of preparing its VASP license application to operate in Hong Kong, aiming to attract up to 200,000 retail users within a year of approval.

August 25 2023: Stablecoin issuer Num Finance has rolled out a Colombian peso-pegged token on the Polygon network, the company said Thursday in a press release.

August 04 2023: A recent study by the Bank of Canada (BoC) has shown a decline in the ownership of cryptocurrencies over the two years.

July 24 2023: Dogecoin Price Analysis: The Dogecoin price has been riding a recovery rally over the past six weeks, and recorded 40% growth as it surged from a low of $0.53 to the current price of $0.0745.

July 18 2023: How to earn passive income with peer-to-peer loans,Peer-to-peer (P2P) lending, also known as marketplace lending, is a type of lending that uses online platforms to directly link lenders and borrowers, eliminating the use of conventional financial intermediaries such as banks.

July 07 2023: Bitcoin Startup Lab is gearing up for its Summer 2023 cohort, bringing together industry titans, investors and innovators to fuel growth in the Bitcoin ecosystem.

June 26 2023: Bybit Gains Crypto License in Cyprus,The Dubai-based crypto exchange will gain now a foothold in the European Union after its exit from Canada and the U.K. Our company registered a wallet in Bybit.

June 17 2023: Hong Kong authorities encourage major banks to adopt crypto clients,The Hong Kong Monetary Authority (HKMA), the regulatory body that oversees banking activities in the region, reportedly encouraged major banks like HSBC and Standard Chartered to establish relationships with cryptocurrency exchanges.

June 08 2023: The global fintech firm, Circle Internet Financial, responsible for the issuance of USD Coin (USDC), unveiled a significant addition to their executive team, as they welcomed former CFTC Chairman Heath Tarbert as their new Chief Legal Officer.

May 27 2023: We are promoted by the Best Cryptocurrency Investment Site.

May 21 2023: Our program listed on Top 10 Crypto Investment Sites.

May 19 2023: Our Normal Plan min deposit reduced to $100 and The Special Plan min deposit is $50 now. Our Investment plans are accept USDT and Ethereum deposit.


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