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we have two plans: 12000% after 72 hours or 6000% after 48 hours.choose either plan to join and begin to earn profit

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Terms of Use

1. To join, you must be individuals, who are at least 18 years old, or any other legal age in your country.

2. is not a company registered with the SEC, or other relevant government department. So your investments in maybe will earn you big profit, but it is possible to bring you some loss as well. Therefore, just invest what you can afford to lose.

3. Any email or other contact forms between the investors and will be backed up for the furture use if there is any law issues.

4. is not responsible for any loss or damage of data, accounts or other hardwares caused by the the accidents, disaster or hackers' attack, etc..

5. Under no circumstances, will sell, lease or in any other form disclose information about its investors to any third parties.

6. The minimum deposit is 500 US$ and the maximum deposit is 500,000 US$; any amount less than 500 US$ will be considered as donation to our program and will not get refunded; any amount more than 500,000 US$ will be treated as 500,000 US$ for deposit and the remained for donation.

7. reserve the right to suspend the payments of daily profit, at our own discretion, in case we spot any violation of our terms of use.

8. reserve the right to alter these Terms of use at any time and notify you of such changes by posting an updated version on our web site.

By participating in our program, you agree, acknowledge, and accept the Terms of Use.

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